IP, LEGAL AND OTHER DATA, FROM ANYWHERE. High-quality datasets for data services providers


High-quality datasets for data services providers


Providing high-quality data since 2009

Unumbio is one of the only IP data providers that can develop databases for third parties from any country in the world, with competitive costs and the highest quality. Unumbio has one of the most extensive collections of IP data ready to be licensed to third parties.

Unumbio is the perfect match for companies looking for expanding, improving or starting a collection of IP databases. These companies outsource the content development and updating efforts to Unumbio, and they can be focused on selling the services using that content.

Unumbio not only offers high-quality databases but also helps its customers to improve existing databases and processes. Unumbio can develop new databases on-demand, receive data from its customers and processing using Unumbio's cutting edge technology.

The main IP data and services providers are among Unumbio's customers.




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bibliographic and full text ip data

Bibliographic data (back-file and updates) and full texts of trademarks, patents, utility models and designs as official sources publish them from almost ANY COUNTRY OF THE WORLD.

not only patents, designs and trademarks

Also related matters are available: plant varieties, geographical indications, commercial names, SPCs, microorganisms, emblems, etc.


Unumbio has one of the most extensive IP collections of bibliographic data ready to be licensed.


xml format

All the developed content is delivered in XML/PDF format and it is ready to be distributed, licensed, acquired or embedded in a wide range of ways.

Case law, practice and regulations

Unumbio also developed datasets including IP case law & verdicts, copyright levies, IP practice & proceedings, IP law & regulations, among others.

custom datasets



Unumbio obtains, processes and delivers IP/legal and other data from almost any country in the world.

Unumbio is associated with 100 IP firms covering over 185 jurisdictions. With their assistance and Unumbio’s expertise, Unumbio is able to provide IP data from almost any official authorities overcoming all the logistical, political, cultural, technological and content management challenges.



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